Our 35th Anniversary 2019!

About Us

"Enhancing Patient Care and Comfort"

Who we are:

We are a volunteer organization founded in 1962. Membership has fluctuated over the years from 20 to 55 members strong. The present group volunteers an average of 7,000 hours annually.

What we do:

Over the years the members have tried their hand at many different and interesting fund-raising projects. Today we are involved in craft-a-fair and various lucrative contracts, including "Sacred Grounds", which guarantee a regular income and services within the Hospital.

Why we do it:

If it were not for the financial support of the Evening Auxiliary, many pieces of hi-tech and specialized equipment would not be available at Royal Inland Hospital. To date the Evening Auxiliary has donated over $12 million to Royal Inland Hospital.

When we meet:

Meetings are held the first Wednesday evening of each month from September through June. If interested in joining, you may call membership: